Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3 Reasons Why Whiny Men Suck Donkey Balls

Here are My Top 3 Reasons Why Whiny Men Suck Donkey Balls:

1. You sound annoying.  Whiny little bitches who are men are just wrong.  I don't care what your momma told you - if you are a man and you whine then you need to shut the fuck up because you suck.  

It's bad enough you were never smacked in the head hard enough to learn not to even do it in the first place.  But are you fucking stupid enough not to hear how utterly irritating you are?

2. You are annoying. If you don't understand why you have no friends - it's because you whine all the fucking time and no one wants to deal with you. Fucking figure out already this hard life lesson - WHINERS HAVE NO FRIENDS!

You're lucky you haven't gotten the shit kicked out of you yet, and you dare to even feel justified in bemoaning the fact that no one likes you?   Grow a dick already...Geezus.

3. Your existence annoys me.  If we as a society can barely tolerate a child whining over anything, why in HELL would a completely grown adult man think they should be allowed anything different from societal expectations?

Get your over-sized ego out of your asshole, get a life and face the hard cold reality that you are not special enough to overcome how stupid you are when you whine.  Period.


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